Meet the Leaders


Senior Pastors

“Apostle Everton and Pastor Tracy Weekes are a couple after God’s own heart, who dare to believe God’s Word! Their ministry is characterized by a powerful manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit, and through these gifts, the principles of faith, victory and apostolic revelation have been conveyed to the Body of Christ. They are a powerful husband and wife team, who bring God’s glory everywhere they go. God has them insight into the Kingdom of God. And as a result, they have helped thousands of people come into victory and purpose in Christ

Bryan and Maya

Discipleship Pastors

Bryan and Maya are our Discipleship pastors, and have been members of Living Faith for the last 17 years. They have been personally mentored under the leadership of Apostle Everton, and Pastor Tracy. They are also graduates of the School of the Supernatural, and were ordained as pastors. They are the proud parents of six beautiful children, and have a fresh voice of hope, to those who are broken. As a result of their anointed testimony of deliverance, God has given them a strong desire to see families restored, and people come into the fullness of their destiny. Pastors Bryan & Maya are also members of the apostolic teaching team, where they minister to the body through Counselling, Teaching and Mentoring. They have travelled to different nations with Apostle Weekes, and have seen first hand, the miraculous power of God, flowing through them. They are a dynamic couple, with a heart to see other couples come into God’s best. When you visit Living Faith, you will want to meet, and connect, with this

Christopher and Samantha

Worship, and Small Group Pastors

Christopher and Samantha are our worship, and small group Pastors. Their passion for God, and His people, have made them an integral part of our ministry. When LFMC first started, Christopher was one of the founding members. Now today, he is a man of faith, with a strong, God given insight in both the prophetic, and deliverance. Together with his wife, they have a big heart, to see people come to Christ, and get connected. They are both members of the apostolic teaching team, where they minister to the body, in Counselling, Teaching and Mentoring. They are a couple with caring hearts, and with that passion, have brought many to Christ. They are also graduates of the School of the Supernatural, where they have been personally mentored by Apostle, and Pastor Tracy, and were recently ordained. They serve in several areas of ministry, and have a heart to see the vision of Living Faith move forward.

Audrey Simpson

Vernon- Discipleship Pastor

Audrey is our Vernon Discipleship pastor.  She is a gifted worship leader, teacher, and counsellor. Since coming to Living Faith, she has been a tremendous blessing to the body. Pastor Audrey also came under the mentorship of Apostle Everton, and Pastor Tracy, and graduated from the School of the Supernatural. She serves the Lord in various capacities, and is a woman of Faith. Her lifestyle, and ministry have demonstrated this. She is also a member of the apostolic teaching team, where she ministers to the body in counselling, teaching and mentoring. If you ever visit our campus in Vernon, you will want to connect with this woman of God.

Ron Legary

Pastoral Care

Ron is our care pastor, and has a heart of gold. Pastor Ron came to Living Faith with multiple years of experience in business, and pastoral ministry. After pastoring for a number of years, he came in contact with this ministry, and his life has never been the same. Pastor Ron serves the body in many different capacities. He is an encouragement to many, and we are so happy to have him on our team. Pastor Ron is also a member of the apostolic teaching team, where he ministers to the body in counselling, teaching, and mentoring. If you need someone to pray for you, or visit you at the hospital, this is the man you need to contact.